Friday, February 16th, 2018

Seniors:  TODAY is the deadline for turning in your senior pictures for the yearbook.

Iowa’s ONE AND ONLY official Rube Goldberg competition will be Monday, February 19th.  We are looking for some volunteers.  If interested, please see Mr. Schwiesow.  We will work around your schedule and you get a free lunch!

Please quit covering the sensors on the toilets - it will ruin them!

Most staff have a list of what chargers belong to each student.  If  you possess your own charger = good, if you do not possess your own charger = please turn it in to office or staff.  If you don't have your own assigned charger, you cannot keep others.  Turn it in.

All high school girls interested in going out for track this season please sign up outside of Mrs.  Schwiesow’s room.

Next week we will be giving the Iowa Assessments.  High school students will be testing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Seniors do not need to be here until 10:15 on these days unless you are taking the National Career Readiness Exam on Wednesday and Thursday.  During testing, seniors need to report to the high school commons and remain out of the hallways during testing times. Middle school students will test on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We will be running a 2-hour late start schedule everyday next week except Friday.  Please remember to have at least one #2 pencil with you for testing.  If you do not have one, please stop by the office.  No computers or phones are allowed during testing.  However, you may use a “regular” calculator for the math test.   

During the flu season, it is suggested that you not share your food during lunch with other students in order to help keep everyone healthy.

Rachel Squier, Physical Therapist, will be available on Tuesdays after school from 3:25-3:45 for free injury screens. She will be located in the corner room across from Ms. Larson’s classroom. (*Leave in announcements and read every Monday & Tuesday*)