This web page is for the Junior Class members and their parents. The concession stand schedule is posted on this site along with upcoming events that involve our Junior Class members. Hopefully, this webpage will help everyone stay in the know about our plans for this year!

Countdown to Prom

Upcoming Meetings:
Upcoming Meeting: Parent/Student Friday January 13 @ 6:00 in MS/HS library 
Spaghetti Supper Sign up:

Bars                                                       Bottled Water

1. Carsen Duckert                                                            1. Jackie Hanna

2. Carsen Duckert                                                2. Becky Gonnerman

3. Kara Walk                                                          3. Christa Merten

4. Kara Walk                                                          4.Connie Jenkins

5. Tara Bork                                                           5. Char Gordon

6. Grace Heimer                                                   6. Katie Squier

7. Noelle Steele                                                                            

8. Michele Hemann                                                                                

9. Teri Bishop                                                                               

10. Julie Smith                                                                              

11. Katelyn Merten


Noodles                                                          Lettuce

1. Matthew Mattick                                             1. Lisa Heimer

2. Matthew Mattick                                             2. Lisa Heimer

3. Pat Clark                                                             3. Krystal Bissen

4. Mike Clark                                                          4. Krystal Bissen

5. Lisa Wold                                                           5. Christine Hackenmiller

6. Lisa Wold                                                           6. Christine Hackenmiller

7. Emily Brumm                                                   7. Kelly Carlson

8. Michele Hemann                                             8. Chelsey Huisman

9. Kelly Carlson                                                     9. Mike Clark

10. Laura Keller                                                   10. Lynn Baldus

11. Jack Mendoza                                                                                                                                     


1. (200 spoons) Abby Hansen                                                    

2. (200 forks) Alyssa Powers                                                                          

3. (200 knives) Aaron Powers                                                                        

4. (100 bowls) Michele Hemann                                                                               

5. (100 bowls) Teri Bishop                                                                              

Spaghetti Supper 
Ann & Mike Powers
Kara Walk
Jackie Hanna
Tara Bork
Chelsey Huisman
Lisa Wold
Pam Squier
Abby Hansen
Emily Brumm
Matthew Mattick & Family
Carsen Duckert & Family
Kathryn Henning
Lisa & Grace Heimer
Krystal Bissen
Christine Hackenmiller
Current Fundraisers: 
Towels - Red towels, $7 plain towel, $10 with name example on (picture 1) (picture2)

Prom Committees:
If you have not signed up for a prom committee yet, we still need people on the fundraising and prizes & donations committees. Those in RED are in charge of committee. 

 Pat Clark
Becky GonnermanMarc BergersonLisa WoldChristine HackenmillerTerry & Brandy Woods
 Connie JenkinsChrista Merten Darcy Steele Krystal BissenMike and Ann Powers
 Kathryn HenningDarlyne Huismann Stephanie Duckert Michele Hemann Ted&Shelly Mattick 
 Char Gordon 
Lisa Heimer Marcella Koenigs Chris MertenBrian& Tara Bork
 Brenda Lowe  Elaine Hansen
Emily BrummDan&Teri Bishop
 Carlos Thomas  Pam SquierKen& Robin HowePam Williams
   JIll ReamsJack & Uziel MendozaJason/Missy Schmidt 
  Jennie HuthchinsonKris Low 
 FULL  Kara Walk   
   Erin Walling Bill Carlson- DJ 


Questions and/or inquiries, please email a Junior Class Officer below: